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Great Booker Prize

What is Great Booker Prize?

Great Booker Prize is made on that offer each GreatBooker who books any tour a free souvenir gift as a prize,the small souvenir is meaningful and memorable,usually there is a China cultural story behind it.We want our clients have someting important like a surprise to record the trip in China,our clients deserve the prize,they must have the reward which is our appreciation of you who make bookings of services,you are the GreatBooker!

What is the difference from The Man Booker Prize?

You can see the difference I bet especially when you read the above paragraph,and there are even more matters that differ our prize to the other one ,which are listed below and make you easy to get away from the confusion and build the trust.

1,The Great Booker Prize is about travel,while the Man Booker Prize is about novel.

2,The Great Booker Prize is offered per booking,and the Man Booker Prize is held per year.

3,The Great Booker Prize is a small but meaningful Chinese souvenir,while the Man Booker Prize is way much bigger.

4,The Great Booker Prize is small so it is very easy to get as long as you book any tour,while the Man Booker Prize is so big that it is hard to win it.

5,The Great Booker Prize can make you a wellknown booker on the site ,while the Man Booker Prize can make you a famous writer almost worldwide .

6,The Great Booker Prize is an independent travel reward,while the Man Booker Prize is a UK novel award.

So those reasons are quite enough to tell the difference,and we just made the prize to let you feel honorable and great on the special and unique trip,since most of you may not come to China often,and we hope the service you book from us will be the most satisfied and momorable one in your life!

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