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Why Choose GreatBooker?

In 2019,the cyber shopping continues,there are more and more e-commerce websites in the OTA field,some are just huge famous,and some are start-ups like GreatBooker,as our president Xi of China said everyone has a dream to realize,GreatBooker is one of the dreamers in China.

The founder Bob Wang is a Beijing local tour guide and trip advisor,who is trying to make a platform that is unlike of the competitors.And there must be something advantageous and unique as follows:

1,Affordable tours for almost each tourist ,the most important thing is high quality ratio,our client spends the same but enjoy the better service.

2,We offer you free characteristic souvenirs to every booker,so you take more time on sightseeing.

3,Each booker has a chance to win the Great Booker Prize game ,the discount price of tours starts from 1 to 20 percent.

4,Secure payment plus small amount to book any tour and pay the rest during or at the end of the trip.

5,We are striving for more benefits that cater our clients worldwide.

The list has mere part of what our advantages for why you will choose us,and we are working harder to realize the dream on tourism industry.

<< Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall will be closed in March

>> Great Booker Prize

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